RC-Timer Pro

RC-Timer Pro v. 3.0


Version 3.0

New in this version

In version 3.0 I have separated the current flight from the history of flights. While flying, a pilot or timer is not interested in earlier flights. All info shown should be about the current flight.
Therefore there are now 2 modes of flying:
– screen based
– table based (like before)

Switching between the two views is easy: wsipe up in the screen based view to reveal the table. Drag the table down to hide the table to reveal the screen.

Also I am thinking about adding functionality for F3F contests. The number of F3F pilots worldwide is quite large.

The setting start worktime ahead is extended so that the user can select between 5, 10 and 30 seconds.

Version 2.5


New in this version
  • Screen design. The information about the current flight is much larger for readability.
  • F3B mode: The calculation of the expected number of laps in F3 Distance was wrong. Corrected now.


Version 2.4

New in this version
  • F3j functionality. This implies the same functionality but at the start of the flight a 30 second countdown indicating the time the motor runs is added
  • F3B Functionality
    • F3B Duration: Like f3j: maximum 10 minutes flight time within the working time of 12 minutes.
    • F3B Distance: ¬†Within the work time of 7 minutes flying as many times between the pylons. Every lap is indicated by a press on the volume button. After 4 laps, the app calculates the total number of laps that can be achieved when the current rhythm is maintained. Also a rhythm is indicated by a sound. This rhythm is a running average of the last four laps.
    • F3B Speed: Within 4 minutes flying between the pylons. The App indicates a rhythm of 3/4/5 seconds.
  • The volume buttons now have a slightly different behavior. Now it does not matter what button is pressed: If we use work time (this is a setting) then the first press on any of the volume buttons starts the work time. If the work time is running, a press on a button results in starting a flight. Again pressing a button will stop a flight. Another press will start it again. And so on.
    Working time can be stopped with a small button on the screen, otherwise the work time will stop automatically.


Version 2.3 and before

  • All functionality of RC-Timer Lite
  • Better looks
  • Talking Timer¬†functionality for the work time and the target time (“5 minutes, 4 minutes, 1 minute”, etc).
  • Every flight is stored in a local database for later retrieval
  • Shake to launch
  • Shake to land
  • The work time is started by one of the volume buttons (the two buttons have the same functionality). If the work time is started, the flight is started. If the plane is flying, a press on one of the volume buttons stops the flight. The work time stops automatically or can be stopped by tapping on the screen.


General Settings

  • Autostart worktime
    a switch, wether the working time should start when the first flight is started
  • Start work time ahead
    This enables the pilot to start the work time 5 seconds ahead. At the actual start of the work time he can concentrate on the launch of the glider and doesn’t have to worry about starting the work time
  • Voice work time
    Switches the talking timer for the remaining work time On or Off
  • Voice target time
    Switches the talking timer for the target time on of off. This is especially for F3K tasks where multiple flights are made within the given work time
  • Shake to launch
    shake the iPhone to start a flight, this is designed when a pilot is flying and timing.
  • Shake to land
    shake the iPhone to stop a flight, this is designed when a pilot is flying and timing.
  • Min:Sec format
    Switch between showing the times in seconds or in minutes:seconds
  • Start work time with button
    When the switch is on, pressing a volume button will first start the work time. A second press will start the flight
  • Clear all data
    To delete all the recorded flights. This is only possible when the flight time is stopped.

RC-Timer Pro


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